Signature Chain’s primary goal is to develop a platform allowing the certification of documents and will serve a use to the following types of documents.

  • Agreements / NDAs
  • Contracts / Multisignature
  • Diplomas
  • Invoices
  • Concepts / ideas protection
  • Patent process
  • Digital creation for paternity
  • Medical certificate
  • Proof of ownership
  • More ...
Blockchain Document Certification


Here at Signature Chain (SICA), we're experienced in building centralized applications used in Sustainable Development Project Platforms for emerging countries and have committed to other various projects in dealing with large quantities of files and certification steps.

We've studied and identified what could facilitate and accelerate the certification process for many enterprise areas using blockchain technology, which offers the best guarantees regarding security, autonomy, and execution time.

Our experience and current knowledge give an incentive to solve the problem of document falsification and deal with the time-consuming process of certification. Our up-coming platform will allow certifying the different type of files, such as contracts, identities, research papers, inventions, works of art, and many more.


Q3 2018:

  • Project Initialization
  • Definition of Needs
  • Technology & Market Analysis

Q1 2019:

  • Team expansion
  • Custom SICA wallet
  • Webapp version
  • Second Marketing campaign
  • SICA Mainnet node

Q3 2019:

  • Beta version of platform
  • Beta testing period
  • Third Marketing campaign
  • Partnerships prospection

Q1 2020:

  • Interface expansion to other languages

Q4 2018:

  • Light and full website
  • Light and full White Paper
  • SICA TESTNET node on Waves
  • SICA platform development begins
  • Centralized Exchange listings

Q2 2019:

  • Platform code audit
  • Private alpha version of platform
  • Alpha testing period

Q4 2019:

  • SICA platform release

Q2 2020:

  • Android and IOS apps
Available on Waves
Available on CREX24
Available on STEX