About SIGN


Signature Chain (SIGN) aims to decentralize a mainly centralized procedure - document certification. Blockchain technology will be utilized to certify various amounts of files, videos, and many more.

Signature Chain’s platform will allow users to certify documents with ease, permitting users to confirm these documents with their digital signature created by a cryptographic hash function.

The use of Blockchain Technology will serve to eliminate any adverse factors in the certification process in conjunction with providing simplicity in the validation and certification of digital assets.


Signature Chain’s application was conceptualized and developed by Christophe Verdot, CEO of Digital Chain LTD, with the help of a dedicated and experienced team in Web Design, Web Development, Content Writting and Patent Processing. SIGN’s Community Manager and Marketer are constantly building connections and expanding operations. Our team is working endlessly to ensure we reach our goals.


Christophe Verdot Christophe Verdot

Founder & Developer

A Web Designer, Web Developer, and a freelancer since around 15 years, and an expert in multiple programming languages. Christophe is also a Blockchain enthusiast and has experience in development on centralized applications for banks, governments, and name brands. He has been also officially recognized as a Waves Tech Ambassador for France & Waves Lead for Philippines.


Kristine Valenciano Kristine

Marketing Manager

As an Experienced Marketing consultant, Kristine contributed a great deal to the marketing effectiveness of several start-up companies in South East Asia. Kristine will be playing a crucial role in product packaging and development and in the research and evaluation of new product opportunities and of potential customers, markets and partnerships for SIGN.


Abdullah Tirtil Abdullah TIRTIL

Community Manager

Proficient in various computer software’s and intellectual property, Abdullah is responsible for managing our social media platforms, such as Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. He will also be the bridge between our supporters and management team. Abdullah is originally from Turkey but permanently resides in Geneva, Switzerland.


Signature Chain created an Ambassador Program for anyone interested in helping and spreading the project. Ambassadors have been carefully screened and chosen to represent SIGN, and their contribution and dedication have been significantly helpful to the project. In return for their support, ambassadors will be receiving rewards, will be given early access to Beta and updates, and as well as being White Listed on all SIGN web application features.

Tim Rainer

John Nguyen John Nguyen

Blockchain Book Author

John Nguyen is an enthusiastic researcher in the blockchain industry. He has written 2 books about blockchain for Vietnam Community - Blockchain Economy and Blockchain In the Age Of Decentralization - they are also the first books which applied blockchain technology to certify the property ownership on SIGN DApp.

Joey Gates

Joey Gates Joey Gates

Pop & Surreal Artist

Artist Joey Gates is one of the first artists to use blockchain and SIGN to certify his work. He conceptualized the idea of running an online art gallery where all art pieces would be certified in the blockchain. Signature Chain supports his initiative. Joey will be assisting and consulting on SIGN ART.

Joep van Gool

Joep van Gool Joep van Gool

Community support

Joep is a young cryptocurrency enthusiast and has been supporting and helping out Signature Chain, since its SICA origins. He has also been actively monitoring and supporting the community. Joep has been helping out with market research and has discovered multiple marketing opportunities for SIGN.


We are waiting for you!

Becoming an Ambassador?

An ambassador is someone who publicly supports our project and will help spread SIGN, such as getting contacts and reach, helping community, writing articles, etc. If you fit the description, contact us and lets discuss it! Don't hesitate to send a message through our CONTACT FORM


Signature Chain mainly aims to get the SIGN application adopted through direct users, but recognizes partnerships will help in project recognition. Here is a list of our current Partners. More are under negotiation and will be released soon.



Blockchain Coffee Trade

Signaure Chain and CoffeeCoin recently made their partnership official. CoffeeCoin is utilizing a customized web-wallet from SIGN, where the File and Document Certification feature has been activated and is currently being tested.

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Kolin Platform


Decentralized translation

Kolin & Signature Chain came to an agreement that working together is a key to success. Kolin is the official translation partner of Signature Chain. Similarly, SIGN is the official certification partner to Kolin.

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We can work together!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think a partnership with Signature Chain would be beneficial. Several partnerships are still in discussion. If interested, write to us through our

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